What clients shared:

"I had the honour of being one of Shirley's first clients having my soul plan analysed. I actually thought it was just to do with my name and what that meant but as the name suggests, it was more to do with how much my name wants me to work within my soul's plan! I've actually had to change my name a couple of times and Shirley kindly looked into the vibrations of each change and the significance it has had on my lifestyle. I found the experience enlightening, reaffirming and had a new found respect and compassion for myself. Something I haven't actually mastered yet but made it easier for me to understand 'me' a bit better. It showed me my talents and also areas of weakness that Shirley pointed out I could turn into talents by working on them. For me, the whole experience is teaching me to embrace my spirituality and accepting I am different and that's ok. Shirley is very insightful and picked up during the session why I might struggle in certain areas and hopefully this will lead me in to working more with Shirley using her gifts and services. I honestly can't wait to discover me more and heal from my past traumas. I'm always open for change and I encourage people to also give this experience a chance, you never know what you might find out about your soul's plan! It might just be the making of you!"


"Shirley is a kind, warm, generous and intuitive healer. Receiving her soul plan reading felt like a kind of personalised poetry medicine. It cast light into forgotten corners of me and swept up dormant parts back into motion. There is a sense of being powerfully validated. I feel lighter and more joyful and self-accepting, as if there had been a secret burden which has lifted. In the way she works with physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual energies, it is as if she brings back something which modern life has stolen, about being internally connected as part of a benign, comforting, real, larger whole. This can be read as finding your way back to purposeful inter-relatedness through all the historical intentions of your name, by Shirley's skills in reawakening your associative powers. Thank you Shirley!"
Lots of love,

"I... have experienced a Soul Plan session with Shirley .... she was calm and really took the time to explain everything to me properly and listen to my questions and experiences.
The reading gave me a lot of different perspectives on myself and life.
Shirley mentioned some things about my feelings, my behaviour and emotions. This hit me immediately. Which made it an emotional reading for me. It was recognisable. Some things that Shirley mentioned, I was actually aware of, but there were also other things that I felt deep down inside, but didn't think about on a daily basis or put away. After the reading, I really took to heart the things that were mentioned and I started implementing them in my daily routine. For an example, by being more confident in myself, and not seeing myself as an outsider, but accepting my intuitive feelings and the effects these have on others. I started trusting myself more. In my life, I experienced a handful of situations where somebody truly saw ME. They recognised my intentions and look straight through my core. My reading with Shirley was one of those moments. I can recommend it to everybody and... I did... I got a list of people that can't wait for their own reading. Thank you very much. With lots of love,"


"My experience with Shirley Amatsakio for the Soul Plan was inspirational, emotional and insightful. I found the connection through meditation in the beginning very relaxing to start my day with. She then told me about the different aspects of my life which were a confirmation for me, but also a lot of things I didn't realise or know... she understood me, and explained the things I didn't understand about myself.... The most interesting thing was that she told me about my childhood experiences... which made me emotional... overall, she was a good listening ear and guided me through the process with ease. I highly recommend Shirley.

"... shockingly accurate..."

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