Connect with your Soul Plan

Become aware who you truly are with a Soul Plan Session.

The Soul Plan system supports you in connecting, acknowledging, accepting and understanding you and your journey. 
Having your Soul Plan read is healing and transformational.

In a Soul Plan Session, I explain the meaning of your original name, as stated on your birth certificate. The combination of sounds, energies and values has meaning and is worded in things you are good at (your strengths),  things that you find difficult (certain challenges you have faced and may face now) and your potential/what you strive for. 

The vibrations or energies of your name is represented in a Chart, a Soul Plan Chart.
A Soul Plan Chart is comparable with a map, an outline of what you want to experience and achieve in this life time. 

The focus of the session is to get to know yourself and acknowledging who you are. 

What you get
  • one session of 90 minutes; 
  • Soul Plan Chart.

What you pay
  • £90 for one session.

After your Soul Plan Session, you may want to decide to work together for further growth and healing with Soul Coaching or Soul Transformation Therapy sessions. We will discuss this at the end of your Soul Plan session.