Practitioner and Trainer

My name is Shirley Amatsakio. 

I am a Soul Plan Practitioner trained at the Holistic Healing College, I am a member of the professional body the Complementary Medical Association and I abide to their Code of Ethics.

I discovered the Soul Plan method when I read Blue Marsden's book, Soul Plan: Reconnect with your True Life Purpose (2013), in 2015. 

It was a time for me wherein I was desperately searching for something meaningful to do.  Do I want to keep doing what I am doing in my work? Which career do I want to pursue? Do I need to retrain? What do I want to do? How do I keep a balanced work and private life?

The Soul Plan system gave me an explanation, showed me my doubts and fears. It gave me an acknowledgement of things that come easy to me. 

Soul Plan helped me to connect with myself. Everything I felt, sensed, and thought were evidenced in the chart presented to me by working out the meaning of my birth name and the impact of my married name in my life.

I was intrigued by the accuracy of the method and decided to attend a course. 

Once you take that step to connect and accept, you change, you will develop and so did I.  

After reading the life-changing Soul Plan book, I trained at the Holistic Healing College to support others in their development to reach their full potential as a Soul Plan practitioner and Holistic Coach.

Each client has brought me joy in the years that followed: I have supported many to accept and understand themselves. Whilst helping others, I developed too.
I felt the urge to help spread the Soul Plan system, and trained to become a Soul Plan Teacher. 

If you are interested in helping and empowering others or you are already supporting others (healers, therapists), are open-minded and willing and ready to change yourself, please get in touch Sign up to become a Soul Plan Practitioner. Courses are offered online at the moment due to the Coronavirus Outbreak.

Sessions and training are in English or Dutch.