Soul Plan Reading Session

Soul Plan Reading Sessions

A Soul Pan Reading session is based on your birth name as stated on your original birth certificate. 

In the session I explain your Soul Plan. 

A Soul Plan is comparable with a map, an outline of what you want to experience and achieve in this life time. 

The analysis of your name shows what you are good at, what you might find difficult and where your potential lies.

Soul Plan in North London offers 3 types of readings:

  1. a Mini Soul Plan Reading Session for the duration of 15 minutes for £25;
  2. a Full Soul Plan Reading Session for the duration of 60 minutes costs £100;
  3. an Extended Soul Plan Reading Session including recommendations and suggestions to work on areas of development for the duration of 90 minutes for £150.

After your Soul Plan Reading Session, you may want to decide to work together for your healing and growth. We will discuss what is best for you after your session.