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Have you been asking yourself these questions:

"Is there more to life?"

"What is the meaning of my life?"

"I want changes, but how do I change and where do I start?"

A Soul Plan Reading Session helps you find clarity.

Soul Plan is a wonderful, accurate system to help you connect with who you are from deep within. Understanding and exploring who you truly are help you to accept and transform. 

Having the map of your life explained, gives you food for thought, and practical next steps to take so you can continue your journey in a more fulfilled way. It gives you a direction in finding those answers.

Carl Rogers (psychologist, 1902 - 1987) once stated: "... when I accept myself just as I am then I can change."

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The Soul Plan method is developed by Frank and Katharina Alper and further extended for use in therapeutic settings by Blue Marsden. The method originates from an ancient Hebrew script, the Sefer Yetzirah, Book of Formation or Book of Creation. Your birth name is translated into Hebrew to show what your soul wants to experience.
Letters from the Hebrew alphabet bring out certain sounds. Each sound brings specific vibrations and energies into this world. Each letter also corresponds with a certain number. These values have meanings too.


In a Soul Plan Reading Session, I explain the meaning (the combination of sounds, energies and values) of your original name given to you by birth. The meaning of your name is worded in things you are good at (your strengths),  things that you find difficult (certain challenges you have faced and may face now) and your potential/what you strive for.
The focus of the session is to get to know yourself and acknowledging who you are. From that point of acknowledgement, you can choose to act and transform.
In the session you will be given some suggestions to help you change positively and in alignment with who you are.


Soul Plan in North London also offers Training to become a Soul Plan Practitioner if you are interested in helping others with the Soul Plan System tool. 
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